The Albatross Project

Undertaken in collaboration with Melbourne-based company Rock Posters, you may have already seen Luccio’s poster during solitary walks around Melbourne and Sydney. Or, if on Instagram, you may have seen the poster shared by passers-by who have noted the striking image – an etching of two albatrosses lovingly touching each other’s beaks, accompanied by the words ‘LOVE’, ‘HOPE’ and ‘TRUST’.

In keeping with the times, Luccio has created space for this project to slowly evolve and emerge. It allows for discovery of the works and engagement with them in ‘real life’ rather than in the (currently forbidden) context of an art gallery. It is a social gift from an artist driven to contribute to and communicate with a wide array of single-person audiences. Members of the public are encouraged to capture and share their responses to the works via the hashtag #lovehopetrust

“This solitary traveller crosses immense distances alone, yet its objective is always to reunite with its life-long partner and companions”

— Marco Luccio on the symbolism of the Albatross

Why the Albatross?

For Luccio, the albatross is a symbol of both isolation and social fidelity.

The albatross is often ‘at sea’, and many of us may find ourselves, metaphorically, in a similar position having had our usual modes of life taken from us in the blink of an eye.

Yet, according to Luccio, “with love as the driving force, trust in the process, and hope for the future we can also emerge to a new reality enhanced by the reflection on meaning that enforced solitude tends to provoke”.

Marco Luccio talks to about the Albatross Project.

Watch the full interview below to find out the story behind this amazing lock-down project. Don’t forget to complete the form below to get your free POSTCARDS 4 THE PEOPLE.

Albatross Posters


The much loved Albatross Posters, seen on the streets of Melbourne and Sydney, are now available in both Giclee and Minilab prints. These posters are available in colour and the original black and white, starting at $60.


4 Free Albatross Postcards


A beautiful tactile way for people to contact loved ones and family members during these uncertain times. Fill out the form below to receive 4 free postcards anywhere in Australia. Consider mailing a postcard back to be used in a Marco Luccio original artwork.


The Albatross Project Film Footage.

Marco Luccio talks with Denis Walter on Radio 3AW about the Albatros Project and how it inspired many through the harsh COVID-19 lockdown that Melbourne endured in 2020.

Listen to Denis Walter 3AW interview Marco Luccio.

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“… so beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time…”

– Tanja

“The first thing that struck me seeing this was how weathered and old looking the posters looked- and I thought it odd but at the same time kind of appropriate as it seems we've been in this covid state for so long. Fantastic that you found the artist, and the backstory to the image- fascinating and uplifting message”

– Shawn

“Relevant and poignant message made even more evocative due to its weathered appearance. Art in unexpected places always speaks to me”

– Lili

“Love, love, love this… Three very powerful and important words, especially now”

– Di

“It is beautiful and haunting, a perfect reflection of our times”

– Tricia

“Those words and that message are incredibly poignant”

– Lisa

“A simple poster that says so much, I went and looked at the authors work”

– Shawn

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