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Herald Sun - Article written by Mischa Merz

Print-maker Marco Luccio really suffers for his art. Even nauseating vertigo doesn't stop this artist from climbing to dizzying heights so he can capture scenes from Melbourne's northern flank for his dramatic drypoint etchings.

Most of Luccio's etchings are done high on city buildings and construction sites, often putting him beyond the edge of his comfort zone so scratching on to the copper plates becomes an urgent process energised by anxiety as he pushes his medium, and himself, to the limit.

The Queen Victoria site, Spencer St, Melbourne Central and the State Library of Victoria all feature in his work, giving Melbourne a sense of granduer with hi deep, black lines and chiaroscuro effect.

"The city images started when I was at RMIT and I'd go out and there'd be various constructions going on like Daimaru with the Shot Tower, so I was attracted to that," he says.
"I did a lot of drawings on paper and once I did all that I brought these copper plates on to the building itself."
"A lot of the construction images could be anywhere in the world. It's about construction and the relationship between people and the building."

Titled Movimento, the workin the show is complex and dynamic, revealing the city to be a place of paradox reflecting human impulses.

Melbourne becomes a place both ancient and modern, alienating and embracing.

Luccio says every now and then people come to have a look.
"They don't know what the hell you're doing, you're scratching like a madman," he says.

Life on the rooftops is surreal, stage-like, Luccio says. The buildings look like toy boxes stacked against each other.

People seem insignificant from up above.

"I actually draw a lot of workers, though, but often I leave people out completely and I think that helps wit hcreating an alienated feeling in the city, which people can sometimes get." he says.

Luccio, a graduate of RMIT with an honours degree in printmaking, is represented in several major collections including the State Library of Victoria.

He has shown work in more than 40 exhibitions in Australia and overseas and has been selected to exhibit in the prestigious Hutchins Award, the Fremantle Print Award and the Geelong Print Prize.

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