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City Life Etched on Copper - From 'The Arts' with Peter Dougherty

Kinglake Printmaker Marco Luccio is exhibiting a body of exciting,high energy cityscapes at the Dickerson Gallery,Richmond.

Using a drypoint method,Luccio has taken his copper plates on the roofs of city buildings and captured the energy of city life with it's ever present building and rebuilding.The lines,furiously scratched into the plates,remain imprecise.Nothing is fixed,everything come and goes.

The residual background tones and lines provide mood and suggestions of that which is gone or that which is still to materialise

Other aspects of the artist's fascination with fantasy architecture in art are expressed in Travel,an etching in which a finely detailed city sweeps up the picture plane from behind a wall of skyscrapers until it gives way to a bay in which sailing ships are to be seen.

Pieter Bruegel is evoked in depictions of choreographed building workers observed from above.

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