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Andersch, Joerg
Inside Arts, The Mercury 13 October, 2007

Superb Graphic Rendering

Pentimento: Florence and Paris
Colville Street Art Gallery

Drypoint etchings and drawings by Marco Luccio and sculptures by Ian Munday are featured in this exhibition.

Luccio’s journey to Europe could possibly save you money, since some of its icons are prominently featured. The Eiffel Tower and several spectacular views of Paris will fill your cravings for the centre of the artistic universe, while the legendary Uffizi by the Arno will have any Florence-lover in a spin.

Luccio’s superb graphic rendering substantiates his growing reputation as a premier Australian printmaker, and like his first show at this gallery last year, this one is a step closer to perfection. Yet while most of the larger works catch the attention, it is a humble print in the anteroom that absolutely shines. Less spectacular but brilliantly worked, this print not only demonstrates good techniques, it is pictorially superbly structured.


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